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Odd Size Shipments

Please be informed that all shipments with (1) dimensions exceeding 250cm, and (2) a Volumetric weight at least twice the Actual weight will be charged an additional ODD service fee. The shipment will be considered an ODD size shipment only if both conditions apply. The ODD service fee will automatically be calculated and added to the shipping fee.

How to calculate ODD service fee:

ODD service fee = 0.75 x shipping fee

Total package fees = shipping fee + ODD service fee + customs fee (if any).


Shipment Size= Length +Width +Height = 260 cm
Actual Weight (AW)= 50KG
Volumetric weight (VW) =240 KG

This shipment qualifies as an ODD size shipment since the Volume weight is more than twice the Actual weight (VW/AW(240/50)=4.8 >2) and the dimension is greater than 250 cm.

For more information, please contact your local Shop and Ship office